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SELR’s “Perfect Balance”

— Effective Technology & The Human Touch

We’re sure you’ve heard all the clichés: the best of both worlds… a win-win situation… it’s all about synergy… our paradigm is a perfect marriage. Unfortunately, clichés or buzzwords and phrases become overused and begin to lack any substance whatsoever. (We could have used “traction” in the last sentence but that would have inadvertently proven our point.) In fact, our initial subhead for this article was “Cutting-Edge Technology & The Human Touch,” but “cutting-edge” requires taking everyone on a trip to the 1990s.

Hence “Effective Technology & The Human Touch.”


When it comes to career placement and growth, intriguing technology—such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)—has increased both efficiency and personalization when it comes to improving data-informed decision-making. Technology is also transforming the way employers attract and engage top-flight talent.

SELR has been at the vanguard of this movement. But we also understand that there must be one additional element that completes a balanced equation: the human element. If we remain completely old school like Luddites and avoid technology, we miss out on a tremendous opportunity for growth and quality. But if we rely solely on technology then the machine becomes master and the human experience is nullified.

Without balance, the scales crash.

That’s why Superior Executive & Legal Recruiting embraces data-driven results while never losing sight of the human factor. Our placement and recruitment practices strive for equilibrium. Our placement counselors merge “cutting-edge” technology with building meaningful personal relationships with all of our candidates as well as our employer base.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology that empowers a machine to simulate human behavior. Machine learning is a subset of AI that allows a computer to learn from previous data without programming explicitly. The ultimate goal of AI is to craft a smart computer system to operate like humans to solve complex problems and/or streamline overpopulated processes. This is why our technology is so important when it comes to building careers.


For SELR, it’s about being a great matchmaker—connecting qualified candidates with positions and organizations that not only meld the individual’s talent and experience with an employer’s expectations but also satisfies the candidate’s essential goals for career development as well as their work-life balance.

For years, recruiters and HR professionals have reviewed and analyzed the effects of artificial intelligence and how it can bolster a more efficient and successful talent acquisition process. The goal is simple and straightforward: the talents that people bring to an organization are the most important components to a company’s success; therefore what’s the most effective way to accomplish this connection? (Especially given the multitude of resumes and possibilities that usually inundate an employer when a position becomes available.)

Here’s where our tried and true balance of technology and strong interpersonal relationships really matter. We agree that matching the right individual with a particular position and organization is paramount—for both parties. Success rests on the ability of skilled placement professionals with the expertise to seamlessly blend effective technological know-how with an ongoing personal touch. At SELR, AI has not replaced human ingenuity in this important process.


Our employer clients often find that selecting the right candidate from a large talent pool is the toughest part of the hiring process. SELR’s proprietary technology assists greatly in this process—one that’s data-driven and can immediately sift through a massive pool of potential candidates to find significant matches who meet the specific search criteria. This allows our counselors to introduce far more quality candidates with targeted positions and organizations than ever before.

In fact, we’re way ahead of the curve—and that’s imperative to our success and yours. Experts believe that over the next few years, connecting top talent with solid positions will depend on a recruiter’s ability to harness powerful technology that will unearth the best opportunities for their talent pool. This improvement in career matching leads to satisfied and more productive professionals who are much less likely to become alienated and disenfranchised.


With any form of technology there are always risks. That’s why our human component is so very important. In the field of recruitment and career advancement, SELR is diligent to ensure that no group is inadvertently discriminated against or marginalized because of an unintentional and/or systemic bias in software applications. Of course, no reputable recruiter or employer would intentionally use technology to illegally discriminate against any group of applicants. Human error or software limitations could inadvertently contain gender, racial, age, or ideological biases in the data, making the system unreliable and unfair. Technology is only as good as the data and algorithms utilized (garbage in, garbage out). Once again, this is where human expertise and integrity is worth its weight in gold.


A recruiter (or head-hunter) might succeed in helping you avoid the wrong job, but a quality placement service—one that utilizes the best tools available—will focus on finding you the right job. It’s the difference between someone simply shooting you out there, hoping to make a match, or strategizing with a vested partner who completely understands your history, your career goals, your personality, not to mention your exact needs and desires. Expert and engaged placement services (like SELR) have direct access to powerful data (technology) as well as the hiring managers (humans) making the decisions. And we will advocate on your behalf.

As we discussed above, career placement success is built on the equilibrium of two pillars: effective technology as well as the human touch.

At SELR, our “balance” ensures that your career is job number one.

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